Many commercial office buildings boast executive amenities, but not all executive amenities are created equal.  When Vision Offices talks and advertises about our office amenities, we want you to know exactly what we are offering.  Not only because we want you, as our potential tenant, to be assured of exactly what you are getting, but because we are proud of all that is offered at Vision Offices.

We created this Slideshare so you can view our executive amenities first hand.  Enjoy!

On one of the final slides we highlight these 3 phrases:

  1. All Inclusive
  2. Professional Perception
  3. Community Collaboration

Let’s dive into these a little deeper, because this truly is where the Vision Offices difference and so much of our value lies.

All Inclusive

Our amenities are not available with an upgrade, they come standard.  There won’t be a charge added here or a service fee added there; the amenities available to our tenants are included in our competitive leases.  This enables our tenants to budget confidently every quarter.  Our amenities help you to create a satisfying and productive work environment for yourself and your employees.

Professional Perception

 Do not underestimate the power of making an impression, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who are still working on building their clientele base.  Vision Offices amenities give your 3 important image aspects that you cannot fake.

  • Prestigious locations – Our office buildings aren’t just in Scottsdale, they’re in the hot spots of Scottsdale!  Whether you choose our Frank Lloyd Wright or Kierland Commons property, all three of these locations give you an address that you will be proud to put on your business cards, brochures and websites.
  • Professional staff – Providing a professional receptionist to greet all of your clients and answer all of your calls is very important when it comes to image.  Professional services takes your company a total different level in the business world.
  • Conference and meeting rooms – Don’t meet at Starbucks any more, give your company the environment and the image that it deserves.  A pre-defined number of hours are included in your lease package that you can use to lease our state-of-the-art community conference and training rooms.
Community Collaboration

Our focus on community collaboration and our understanding of its importance might be the most unique and important aspect of Vision Offices.  Business is often about who you know and leveraging your relationships to promote sustainable success.  Vision Offices has designed our building to promote networking and collaboration.  Our beautiful outdoor patios encourage congregation.  Our complimentary and community coffee and tea areas keep creating meet-and-greet opportunities.  Vision Offices even makes the effort to host mixers for the complex so that you can meet your neighbors and your fellow business colleagues.

Vision Offices’ amenities are the real deal.  Not only will you enjoy having all of these amenities at your fingertips, you can utilize them to impress your clients and attract and retain talent.  Check out one of our 3 prestigious locations soon or feel free to call us for more information.  Also, check out our amenities comparison chart to see how much our amenities can save you money while they are making you feel and look good.